Full Moon Blessings

Full Moon Ceremony & Sound Bath (3).png
Full Moon Ceremony & Sound Bath (3).png

Full Moon Blessings

30.00 40.00

The world is changing quickly and so are we.

In a time of deep reflection, where many are celebrating the year and what is to come it is so essential for us to move with the rhythms of our Divine Mother Earth and her seasonal shifts.

Winter is a time of incubation, of nurturing and radical self-love.
We sit, we release, we contemplate, we channel the Divine and that which is to come.

From personal experience, I have found it is quite difficult to receive when you are full. Full of experience, full of knowledge, full of reasons, full of beliefs, likes, dislikes, opinions, expertise and more.

And so with that said, here is my sacred invitation to you.

I invite you to come and EMPTY yourself.
Connect with the nothingness as to allow yourself to experience the Unconditional Love that exists in all that is.

I wish to offer you a sacred healing light bath where you can receive healing to release and clear blockages for any area of life that you may need. There will be a special focus on relationships and finances as these have been some of the greatest breakthroughs I have had myself this past year and want to share the love, the wisdom, the abundance. 

LOVE, FORGIVENESS, COMPASSION AND LIGHT will guide us in 2019 and forward. Bless your souls and your soul journey! 

In a world filled with so much, YANG comes and YIN out with some incredible sound healing, blessings, and Sacred Wisdom.
Come and bath yourself in Tao Source Light, in the energy of sacred, soulful, loving community.

Doors open 
7:30 pm: Welcoming Circle 
7:45 pm: Guided Meditation
8:00 pm: Crystal Sound bath Alignment Ceremony
8:30 pm: Channelled Messages and Tao Source Transmissions for relationships and finances 
9:00 pm: Closing Ceremony

Teas, Coffee, Vegan Desserts & Community Sharing 

$40.00 at the DOOR

Spaces are limited so please reserve your spot in this sacred temple to receive your blessings for this coming year!

You can register by sending your payment to coffeebreakwithvanessa@gmail.com or purchase here

Please note 100% of the proceeds after costs go to https://lovepeaceharmony.org/ 

I look forward to serving you. 

(All contribution are welcome but please note we request a NUT-FREE zone as we have friends with severe nut allergies.)

Thank you in advance.

Vanessa Ferraro is an awakener, a transformer and an empowered global visionary. As a speaker, teacher and healer she is deeply committed to teaching people how to let go and be.

With a 10 year background in sales and communications, as well as a channel for divine wisdom, Vanessa provides the perfect bridge where spirituality and practicality meet.

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