Welcome darling soul,

My name is Vanessa. I'm a Universal Healer, Transformational Teacher & Soulful Strategist who has committed my life to empower human beings to experience alignment, harmony, balance and flow in all areas of life. 

My programs, courses and healing sessions transform clients from feeling lost, overwhelmed and confused powerfully connected to their Divinity, empowered to share their truth and to be of service at a higher level causing a HUGE ripple effect of transformation on this planet! 

My hunger for deep wisdom has led me to find a slew of self development courses, books, training programs and more. I loved it. I dove in head first.

I learned. I studied. I did the work!  

However, it's hard to heal the mind through the mind. 

It wasn't until I found energy healing, yoga, nutrition and my tribe that I was introduced to a whole new level of BEING and the power it has to change everything.

I tested my boundaries when I started studying the layers of being. I learned the power of living as a human BEING rather than a human doing. I forgave my past, let go of all kinds of ideas of who I thought I was or where I was going to end up. I lost friends, made new ones, sold a lot of my shit, started meditating, started learning about the food I was eating and learned how to live a conscious and creative life.

 In the process, I became a Tao Hands Practitioner,  Reiki Master Teacher, Tao Song Healer, Channel for Divine Wisdom and Soulful Strategist for other Divine Goddess Leaders who are ready to transform the world by transforming their own! 

My life looks a lot different now. 

I'm the Director of Wellness for Camp Summerdaze 2018 (second year in a row 🙏)

I'm a founding member of Vibe with The Tribe, a shamanic sound healing group that opened for Nelly Furtado :) & Emmanuel Jal last year for We Want Peace Concert. 💙

I'm a founding contributor to  the most amazing party on the planet Lovelution which ended up at 9:30 and Esplanade curating the sound, workshops and healing for the best Burning Man camp that I know (ok maybe I am a bit bias here but I freaking LOVE Love Cow - BM Camp)

I successfully integrate spiritual truths and wisdom in to my every day life with ease and grace. As a result, I experience more freedom, success and awe in my world than ever before.

I unlearned patterns and belief systems that no longer served me and ALLOWED things to happen through me rather than chasing or "making" them happen. 

When you are in the business of transformation, how you do business transforms.

This is what I have learned : 

The Universe wants you to PLAY BIG!

It's one thing to be financially successful but if you are spiritually broke - you are definitely not experiencing having it all and playing LIFE full out!

The Universe doesn't want you to stress. 

It's one thing to run a wildly successful business and "succeed" in your career and quite another to have it run you!

The Universe doesn't want you to chase for things or people. 

You have a TRIBE - trust me and they are looking for you so it's time for you to receive them not look for them.

The Universe doesn't want you to stop being a high performer and meditate all day. 

Becoming more spiritually attuned doesn't mean you are going to become celibate, give away all you have earned and become a minimalist.

(p.s. Ain't nothing WRONG WITH ANY OF THAT)

But being someone who has it ALL, not just money and stature, but peace of mind, clarity, deep and meaningful relationships, time off with family and friends means being as committed to your sanity as you are to other areas of your life - basically getting super fucking YANG about your YIN!  (forgive the swearing but trying to make a point here)

Do you bring the same dedication, focus and energy you do to your business to your own well being?

If not then you are blessed to have found me. #notjoking

I'm dead serious. You are an epically driven human being and you have been running your life and your business as your life depended on it. You have literally been operating from a space of fight or flight. And even when you hit the milestones, hit the target goals, expand your reach and message you are on to the next and don't stop to enjoy the MOMENT!

I have learned when you have strong foundational spiritual practices this allows you to flow with life not force it.  

It's not in alignment nor successful to be completely imbalanced, anxious, aimless and stressed.

Inner balance, harmony, peace of mind and LOVE are integral to having an epic life ! 

I love sharing ancient spiritual wisdom as practical every day tools to my clients and hearing results they are getting, IMMEDIATELY. 

Call me. Book a consultation. 

Get clear where you are at and more importantly get clear on how you want to be! 

Live a more peaceful, harmonious and purpose filled life that you LOVE by working together - you know... The Universe, you and I.