Sacred Wealthy Goddess : A 12 Week Transformational Program /Deposit

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Sacred Wealthy Goddess : A 12 Week Transformational Program /Deposit


Core outcomes of the Sacred Wealthy Goddess 3 Month Intensive

Your SOUL will be reignited and nourished deeply from within. #soulistheboss

  • You will have deeper clarity about who you are and what is the transformation your work provides all the while co-creating a clear plan on the direction your business is going and how to get there. #clarityiseverything

  • You will learn how to package up your offer and how to sell that package with SOUL and ease- YAAAAS QUEEN! Custom Tailored Strategy to meet your VALUES (no more selling out on yourself or your epicness)

  • Say goodbye to fear, hesitation, confusion, and uncertainty and welcome the faith, trust, confidence and vibrant energy that comes from clarity and owning your truth!

  • You have a brand that really shows off your spirit, your message & energy! Clients gravitate to you because you have a clear message that ignites action in your copy, social media platforms and videos

  • You are rocking a divine and impactful business that is ABUNDANT in $$$, time freedom and fulfillment and living the life you have always dreamed of (meaningful business + travel + family + lifestyle)

  • You have amazing, organized, fabulous humans to support your vision and mission (instead of lone-wolfing in isolation) 

  •  You are a SACRED WEALTHY GODDESS who loves jumping on calls with potential soulmate clients because you sell with SOUL and LOVE

Imagine what it would feel like to …

Be fully aligned and deeply rooted in your purpose and service to the world?

Waking up to a schedule full of fabulous soulmate clients that absolutely LOVE your work and SHOW UP ready to dive deep with you?!!?

Having an awesome, amazing team behind you, who gets you, the power of your work and the transformation it provides.

Communicating your message openly and fearlessly with confidence, power, and clarity? 

Shifting from finding your purpose to LIVING IT a  WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

Owning your goddess power and using that power to speak about the transformation you provide with clarity and love!

Owning and running a rocking, divine, abundant business that has a plan to scale and make HUGE impact in the world!

So then what’s the problem?

YOU'RE WAITING: For the right time, the right price, the right clients.

  • SCARCITY MINDSET: This is sucking you dry and having you play small, hiding your brilliance behind the veil.  It's time to rise up in a lovely way and take centre stage!

  • NO STRATEGY:  You watched the FREE STUFF, you've done some webinars and it has you overwhelmed and confused of what to focus on first. The state of confusion is letting you off the hook from taking action and it's time to cut it out and STEP IT UP!

  • YOU ARE WAITING FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO GIVE YOU PERMISSION:  PERMISSION GRANTED! You have a mission to fulfill and a message to share and you need to HONOUR YOUR ENERGY & LOVE!

  • CAMERA SHY: You still give one too many shits about what people think. Plain and simple your ego is keeping you from your service and it's killing your Soul! 

    Book a call and let’s find out if it’s time for you to create A  LOVE STORY INTO ABUNDANCE AND IMPACT !

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