A beautiful message from a channeling session addressing a question we often find ourselves asking. What is my purpose? How do I find my purpose and how do I know I am living my purpose? 
The answers may surprise you.

Speak to your body - it is listening and it is responding. Speak only love & gratitude.

Joy is your access to purpose, to new realms, to new possibilities, new versions of yourself.

Unconditional love - love without conditions. This is the key.

Allow... allow... allow... pay attention to the messages you're receiving.

Fear or love - this is the choice that will decide your experience. What will you choose?

What we absolutely NEED for our collective consciousness is you. You to share your story. Share your experience. Share yourself. Your personal story goes beyond just you.

Close your eyes, let go, enjoy.

A divine healing hands blessing for you. Press play, close your eyes and allow, allow, allow.

Sound healing transmission.

Clearing and letting go makes space for the new to enter. Enjoy this sound healing transmission.

Be a clear YES, and allow for this blessing to reach you.