Coffee break with Vanessa is an online web series where we interview everyday people changing the world in their own unique way. In this web series you will find conversations around what tools, experiences or practices have supported these amazing people to go out into the world and make a big difference. From yoga, to ayahuasca, to meditation - the path looks different for all of us. Watch these interviews to find out what tools may work for you.

In a world where big accomplishments seem to be the main goal, these conversations highlight the ability to make a global impact by simply loving your own world. We recognize there is no "out there"; everything is a reflection of your inner dialogue. Hence, it is more important, now than ever, to bring attention and love to yourself - your life - your goals and dreams - to live a powerful, authentic expression of your divine soul. 

Coming up this season:


Learn the ins, outs, and health benefits of dry fasting

Connect to Giovanni: The Ideal Changes, Collective Evolution, Wim Hof Method


Unleashing the power of worldwide synchronized meditation

Connect to Wayne: The Echo Movement


Reaching enlightenment through Ayahuasca and exciting new developments in renewable energy

 Connect to Michael: Michael Sanders, SunMoon Energy


His deep relationship to yogic practices and his creation of Urban Temple Toronto

Connect to Yogi: Yogi Emmanuelle, Urban Temple Toronto


Hear from a Harvard scientist who worked with artificial intelligence and his path to mysticism

Connect to Arnold: Telepathically


The power of gathering women and the rise of the Divine Feminine

Connect to Clarity: Clarity Bartleet

Master Vanier:

Discover the immense healing power of Soul Healing

Connect to Master Vanier: Master Sha's Soul Power Group, Master Sha

Pandora & Raven:

How to navigate love and conscious relationships in a whole new way

Connect to Pandora & Raven: Vibe with the Tribe, Coherent Heart Creations