New Moon Solar Eclipse Activation


*** Please be sure to lie down and take a minimum of 3 deep, deep breaths from deep within your root chakra all the way up to your chest after reading this download to further support your integration of the light codes within this activation.***

It's time to level up. It's time to let go.

Mother Earth is ASCENDING. Humanity is ASCENDING.

And so is the rest of the planets, stars, and galaxies around you.

The ASCENSION process is here and if you choose to stay where you are, rigidly attached to your fears, negative beliefs, and attitudes, pride, judgment and ego you will get left behind.

If you continue to point fingers at this person or that spiritual teacher, your ex-boyfriend, or your parents, the government or the media for the fact that you are still not where you want to be then you're missing it and you will get left behind.

This is not personal.

At all.

The Matrix is unraveling and the reality you have come to know is no longer viable for the FUTURE OF HUMANITY or Mother Earth.

So then why?

Why all the resistance?

Why all the drama?

Where do all these thoughts and emotions actually come from?


Karma is another word to describe existing records which make up the Akashic Records.

Karma doesn't hold the heavy and moral interpretations that many within your collective have attached to this word.

Karma is neither good nor bad, right or wrong, light or dark.

It just is.


Every single thought, emotion, act and or deed is written down in the Akashic Records.

Your karma is your chapter in the book of the EVERYTHINGNESS that is ALL THINGS.

ALL KARMA is coming up to the surface to be fulfilled, acknowledged and more importantly RELEASED with LOVE, FORGIVENESS, COMPASSION & LIGHT!

This is the natural order for the ASCENSION PROCESS.

Please trust us when we say, every single soul counts and all are welcome within THE NEW PARADIGM of reality that exists here in HEAVEN, the NEW EARTH, and HUMAN BEING as they join as ONE.

NEW EARTH, which is already here, right in front of you, around you, and within you is supporting your ASCENSION.

You're welcoming of it, assimilation and integration of this vibrational frequency are only fully embodied in your reality through a few very simple acts.






You can not, however, skip a step and cover it up and hope for the best which many of you have been trying to do.

The anger, shame, guilt, frustration, impatience, selfishness, pride, and righteousness you have experienced within yourself is because you have not transcended it.

You can witness this or you can be used by it.

But if you have acted out or felt these emotions rise within you it means you have not cleared it from your Akashic record. You still hold this within your resonance. It still exists inside your cells.

This my dear one is KARMA.

Hence, you can not skip this step and expect to live in the 5th dimension here on earth nor experience the full quantum shift that occurs when you are fully embodied within the NEW EARTH NOW.

Cause and effect are the laws of multi-universes and cannot be changed or altered to accommodate your ego.

You don't get to skip this part, my love. And so with that, the question remains.

How will you show up?

How will you react?

What will you choose?

Will you continue to play the victim to circumstances?

Will you consistently keep playing small and pretending that it doesn't bother you that you are inherently still dealing with lack, poverty, and separation?

And no - we are not talking JUST about the money.

The money or lack thereof is just the indicator, it's the arrow pointing you in the direction of what you need to focus on the most. The existing karmic resonance that you carry with money is showing you the lack, poverty, and separation of consciousness that still exists within you.

You lack courage and faith.

You carry poverty consciousness in your ancestral line which is deeply embedded in your DNA and cells.

You separate yourself from your family, friends, and community but most importantly from the DIVINE.

You have forgotten who you truly are.

You have forgotten your birthright of ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY, and RICH, fulfilling relationships, adventures, finances, and health.

You have called in LOVE, LIGHT, and ABUNDANCE and struggle to figure out why it won't stick?!!?

It's your karma.

But you don't like that word or its meaning. You've transcended all that right?

This coming New Moon's Solar Eclipse is a powerful vortex that has a quantum entanglement with the waves of light from the Lion's Gate allowing you to tap into a wave of prosperity and abundance beyond your wildest imagination.

You have every right to it.

It is your karma of positive effect that has you be a part of this conversation right now and you my dear one, have a choice.

You have a choice.


So tell me what will you choose?

To rant, complain, criticize and compare yourself and others and celebrate the NEW EARTH all at the same time?


Do the yoga practice (even though you don't wanna).

Listen to the guided meditation (because sometimes that's what it takes to get it done).

Go for a run instead of a couple of drinks with friends?

Write a letter of forgiveness to your father or watch Netflix instead?

Will you focus on your service, programs, and projects rather than gossiping about others and how much you don't like what they are charging?

It's time to WAKE UP my beloved child of LIGHT.

It doesn't have to be this hard.

But you have to choose.

And no one can make those choices for you.

We love you.

We see you.

We are supporting you behind the veil.

But the veil is lifting oh dear one, and when it lifts it will show you all the LIGHT you have cultivated and all the darkness you have ignored.

Sovereignty includes responsibility.

Responsibility is to take ownership of all your lifetimes and ask for forgiveness.

Clear your field of energy, your chi, your mind, your emotional body and dense physical state and uplift yourself to the frequency that is now showering your planet. CLEAR YOUR KARMA and help to CLEAR MOTHER EARTH'S KARMA TOO.

You must.

For yourself, your future lifetimes, your human family and your soul journey.

Repeat as often as you like to receive the light encodement within these words over the next few weeks :

I give up my thinking that I know what is best. I powerfully allow my SOUL to choose for me every day and I am becoming more aligned with the truth of my DIVINITY with every loving choice my SOUL makes.

I am FREE, AT PEACE, LOVED AND SUPPORTED in my Ascension process.

I gracefully and humbly release all the energies I carry within myself that may be blocking me from allowing the state of oneness to be fully embodied in my awareness and my reality.

I release all shame, guilt, fear, anger, frustration, impatience and righteousness from my field NOW. I am deeply sorry for any and all lifetimes where I or my ancestors caused this energy to be felt by another. I know to ask for forgiveness is not enough and I promise to serve humanity and support Mother Gaia through this transition with LOVE. 

I will serve by making forgiveness my daily practice.

I will forgive myself for every negative thought. I will forgive myself for every negative emotion. I will forgive myself for every negative outburst. I will forgive myself for all the judgment and shame. I will forgive myself for all my mistakes. For I can only offer to others what I give to myself and so I CHOOSE to forgive myself and others across all TIME AND SPACE. I am embodying DIVINE FORGIVENESS which allows me to access the vibration of flow and GRACE.

I am integrating the LIGHT coming into this reality NOW. I am grounded in my body and aware of my surroundings. I nourish and cherish my sacred divine space. I am a clear channel for LOVE, FORGIVENESS, LIGHT, and COMPASSION for myself, others, places and all things.

I am allowing. I am allowing. I am allowing.

I am grateful. I am grateful. I am grateful. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And so it is. And so it is. And so it is. 

We wish for you to taste the freedom and sense of peace,

The LOVE, the DIVINE, the COMPASSION and the GRACE that is so freely available to you and all of humanity.

Every day and in every moment a NEW opportUNITY for dramatic shifts and transformation.

You can ASCEND with great EASE and FLOW when you give up your resistance and ALLOW the LOVE and the LIGHT to make the decisions for you, to guide you, not your mind or your past for they hold no power in the future version of you.

We know you can do this. We know because we have.





Your sacred and divine family of light.